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1 posts from August 2017



On August 10th, 2017, the  student participants for the Fall 2017 semester arrived in Ghana.

The Orientation week started the next day and the students were taken through some protocols on Health, Safety and Security. Orientation also covered 'Gender Issues in Ghana' which was handled by a guest lecturer at the University. 

Student life has been great, notwithstanding the overwhelming aspects of the Ghanaian culture and various cultural dynamics; most especially the "trotro" system of transportation - though it is the most efficient and easy-to-use means of transit in the country.

The food and music. oh yeah ... one cannot just avoid these two. Students fell in love with these as soon as they touched the ground at the airport and are still loving it more and more each day.


 Fall 2017 students at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in Accra.

The calm and quiet on campus during the initial few days gradually changed over the weekend as most regular students reported to school. The actual campus life rhythm is getting in place. The academic aspects have just began with today being the first day of lectures Students are at it, finding venues at the various departments and blocks all across the campus.



International Programmes Office (IPO) of the University Of Ghana Orientations for the international students for the semester.


Fall 2017 students enjoying some traditional Ghanaian jollof.


Taking a stroll through campus.


Students trying out some traditional dance moves at the dance workshop as part of the cultural immersion.

Student Participants for the Fall 2017 Semester.


There are so many fun things planned for the semester. We will keep you updated over the course of the semester.