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1 posts from March 2018



Spring 2018 started with the arrival of with 39 Arts and Sciences students and 1 Gap Year student on January 25th, 2018. The students went through the usual protocols for orientation covering topics on safety, security, health, academics, housing, etc. Classes begun on February 1st.

Spring 2018 Participants with staff and U-pals


The Spring 2018 participants traveled to the Northern Region to explore life outside the capital, Accra. Our first tour took them to the Larabanga Village where they were welcomed by the community elders. They took a tour of the Larabanga Mosque. Built entirely from mud, it is the oldest mosque in West Africa dating back to 1421. The Larabanga Mosque is one of the most revered religious sites in Ghana and also a World Heritage site.


Larabanga Mosque


Mystic Stone

Also Located in Larabanga is the Mystic Stone. The stone is believed to have magical powers. The legend behind the the stone dates back to the British colonial era of Ghana when the British wanted to build a road through Larabanga village. The stone was removed to pave way for construction. But the next day when the contractors returned to continue work, the stone was found at again at the same place it was displaced from. This happened a couple of times until finally the contractors decided to build the road around the stone.

Mystic Stone


Shea Butter Making

The Shea butter factory also at Larabanga Village was our next stop. The students met the women who make Shea butter and had an interaction with them. They learned about how Shea butter is made, the usefulness of Shea butter and the economic benefits that these women have gained from Shea butter production.



Raw Shea Butter


Safari Tour

The Mole National Park is the largest National Park in Ghana covering a 4, 577 kilometers. It is home to some mammals such as elephants, bush bucks, warthog, and monkeys. It has over 300 bird species and predatory animals such as lions and hyenas.

The students had the opportunity to be up close with some of the animals such as the huge elephants.


White-tailed Deer




February was Black History Month and the Spring 2018 Participants engaged in a lot of activities to celebrate Black History Month. The next Newsletter will cover all the students were up to.