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Extracurricular Activities at CIEE Legon Study Center

A good number of our students are actively engaged in the social and cultural life of the country and also on the University of Ghana campus and we would like to share some amazing stories with you.  

"The 2nd Coming of Kwame Nkrumah"

Alex Bailey (as "Queen Elizabeth") Ben Walter (as "Sir Arden Clarke") with some cast members;   Ekow Smith-Asante (as "Kwame Nkrumah"),and Fathia Nkrumah ("Ghana’s former first lady"). 

This weekend, the nation Ghana celebrated Founder’s Day which marks the 104th birthday of the Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the person who led the Independence struggle and won Independence for Ghana which used to be Gold Coast under British colonial rule. As part of the Founder’s Day celebration, a theater performance titled “The 2nd Coming of Nkrumah” was staged at Ghana’s National Theater in downtown Accra.  Acting alongside one of Ghana’s versatile actors in the person of Ecow Smith Asante who played the role of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, 2 CIEE Fall 2013 participants played very significant roles in this theatre performance that held Accra spell-bound.  Ben Walter from Clark University played Sir Charles Arden Clarke and Alexandra Bailey from Emory University played Queen Elizabeth.  The play took the audience through the history of Ghana’s past presidents and a return of Nkrumah to present-day Ghana and the possible sentiments he would have shared if he were still alive. 

P1080427   IMG_1372

Our students had a really fulfilling experience and met a number of important personalities in the Ghanaian entertainment industry from the time they started auditioning for their roles till the actual performance days themselves.


Permit me to offer huge congratulations to one of CIEE’s amazing U-Pals in the person of Atsu (pronounced “Achuu”) for introducing our students to the writer of the play and his team and ensuring that the 2 CIEE get the opportunity to be a part of the performance.  THANK YOU ATSU!!




The entire cast of “The 2nd Coming of Nkrumah”



Also, 6 other CIEE students have participated in a movie yet to be premiered in cinemas on December 2013. We will share this amazing story with you when the movie is premiered.  You will get to know about the talents your students are exhibiting which you may not have been aware of until they studied through CIEE in Legon, Ghana.


Continue to watch this space.